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Ventura Climate March

On April 29, 2017, about 750 of us, dressed in the colors of the rainbow, came together to rally and march for climate, jobs, and justice.  We met at Mission Park in Ventura to form a rainbow and unity circle, then swarmed to Ventura‚Äôs Botanical Gardens where we climbed the trails to create a ThermoClimb, an artistic representation of global warming.
Only three weeks before John was contacted by Gwendolyn Lawrence Alley. He had jumped in to assist in organizing the crowd she had gathered in a Resist March earlier in the year. They shared an interest in the concept of creating "human banners" as living art projects that would protest current actions in Federal Government. Gwen had been contacted by Heather Cassanave who had signed on to organize a Climate March related to the Resist Movement. The three rallied support from the City of San Buenaventura and Ventura Botanical Gardens where their vision would be staged and executed. People rallied at Mission Park in Ventura. We swarmed through Downtown and proceeded to the Gardens where we assembled by color of clothing. Climbing the trail we formed a rainbow of humanity setting an intention for jobs, climate and social justice. Groups represented included Sierra Club, Move On, Native Americans, LGBT...people. From every walk of life.
Working with a team of photographers including drone pilots Mike Love and Ventura High student Maxwell Mandell we ran to stay ahead of the action and capture the essence of this significant event.
And this is our continuance, we will march for as long as it takes to create a world of promise for this and future generations.

Migrating Immersive Art Experiences


Emerge From The Earth
An immersive art experience bearing a message of compassion and universal responsibility. "Emerge From The Earth" currently combines large format altered photography with teaching and discussion. The Work currently displays on a modular framework that can transform a space into a contemplative playground for the senses. Bringing a message of connection and compassion and practical ways to implement activities into our busy lives in order to achieve balance in our personal life, promoting positivity in our relationships and understanding towards a harmonious future.
To book an experience go here.
The Jewel
A modular framework that has appeared in a variety of settings bringing "Emerge From The Earth" art into the public. It has wrapped buildings, transformed garden spaces, enlivened squares and quads. "The Jewel" is unique as an exhibition structure in that there is the flexibility to become an aesthetically pleasing component to an already existing space. Many wonderful heart moments have transpired within this vibrant beginning to the development of the experience.
The Vision Space 1
Imagine this as a bamboo structure, a space for interactive contemplation and transformational discussion. Conceived as a migratory exhibition space with unique features to support the "Emerge From The Earth" experience. The  team will take this to festivals, schools, businesses. Places where people gather. You could think of it as a retreat. At 32' x 26' It will be a unique and intimate environment for viewing and contemplating, participating in discussion and envisioning a world beyond violence.
To be constructed in bamboo.  This ten sided structure will house the ten pieces  that make up the series "Shivas Temple", its ceiling reflecting a distorted image of the occupants, the work is a conversation on how we perceive the environment and conceive a positive thought process based on universal responsibility. 

Photographic Services

Photo Documentary

This is an image extracted from a collection created in 2015 as part of an effort by a group who I never knew calling themselves "The Alliance". They were working to bring a Regulatory framework for cannabis to California. I know very little of the group save that they were not in a position to go certain places and be seen in certain social circles so they sent me to Colorado to continue a dialogue begun three years earlier as a means to grasp the dynamics of how cannabis was to be integrated into a post prohibition society. The contribution of images and documented discussions with people in the industry and consumers resulted in three Bills passed in California Legislature in the Fall of 2015.
Others for whom I have done this work include: Ventura Botanical Gardens, Ventura County Behavioral Health and Ventura Charter School.

Natural & Ambient Light Portraiture

Shunning the studio and predictable lighting as well as being in natural surroundings I love to create portraits of people in the places they are comfortable. Where familiarity seems to free them from the constraint of a forced smile and they can be themselves. This makes for unpredictably wonderful photographs!
Also special is the time spent together. People can relax, just settle into the presence of the camera, hang out and let something magical happen. Memorable photographs require time and then there is a singular moment when all the elements come together. This, for me, is the essence of photography. Being tuned in to when that moment is going to happen. Watching peoples faces and body language, paying attention  to the environment, seeing the light dance in the viewfinder. Knowing that there is only one capture that is going to be the "right" one.

Photograph Restoration

Damaged frame, glass broken, photograph adhered to glass and unsalvageable. The mission: Recreate the photo while giving the subjects presence and clarity. This is a process that is challenging at best!
From the image on the left, along with what was left of the original photo after it had been liberated from the glass, and after several hours of detailed effort. A happy new beginning for a precious memory!