John K Golson

Fine Art


Inspirational Writings and Meditation Guidance

Art: Happy Spot, Digital Mixed Media, Archival Inkjet Print on Moab Entrada Rag Bright, 12"x18"

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered, Inquiries Welcome.

"I make art because there are things I can't say with words, I write because sometimes my art doesn't give a clear understanding, I meditate because the practice gives me wings that I may learn to fly! -J.
Meditate With Skillfulness, Make Life Meaningful!
Facilitated learning and practice of methods to personally attain a greater capacity for focused concentration, compassion, wisdom and understanding. Rooted in the teachings of Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelugpa Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, whose teachings have brought many to full enlightenment. Drawing from many traditions, modern science and psychology. The intent is for participants to find life as precious. Enjoying wellbeing and happiness. Find support and friendship in your amazing journey!

Meditation For Individuals, Business and Groups

Guided meditation is very beneficial.
Life is very stressful, moving very fast. Managing the volume of information and then being productive with it can be overwhelming. So, we should meditate. Because meditation relieves stress and foggy mindedness. Because meditation gives us greater creativity in problem solving. Because meditation gives us the advantage of better relationships at work and at home increasing our awareness of others and giving a fluid environment in which everyone can flourish and achieve happiness and success.
Life is very precious!

Meditation on the Breath, Continuum of Consciousness, Clarity of Consciousness, Equanimity Meditation and Compassion Meditation. These are meditations that are easy to learn and with guidance and practice can absolutely make positive advancements in our life. Over time they become part of the fabric of our thoughts and actions. So, whatever ever we do is done with positive intentions. The most positive intentions we can generate. That makes a better world!
“Meditation 101/Your Whole Day is a Meditation” - 8 week study program.
1 hour 30 minutes per class. Principles and practical application of meditation for beginners and people with busy lives.
The purpose of meditation. Finding the meditation that fits. With a focus on compassion we will study together the wide ranging benefits of meditation. We will study and experience 12 different meditation methods and techniques. Meditation posture, perhaps it's not necessary to look and act so “spiritual”, but if it helps…!
Suggested donation $200.00 includes Study Guide binder, transcripts of the online course offered at FPMT taught by Ven. Connie Miller, 12 handouts, in class guided meditations, personal support and guidance.

Art: Anyplace But Here, Digital Photograph, Archival Inkjet on Moab Entrada Rag Bright, 12"x18"

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered, Inquiries Welcome.

“Buddhism in a Nutshell”
8 week study program, 90 minutes per class. This is for the curious and people who want to understand the foundational principles of the Buddhas teaching and how to apply those principals in a life transforming way. We will study the Buddhas teaching of “The Four Noble Truths”, “The Twelve Linked Chain”, Karma and much more! A special collection of meditations accompanies the studies.
Suggested donation $200.00 includes “Buddhism in a Nutshell” hardcopy book, 243 pages. A CD with guided meditations. In class guided meditations. Personal support and guidance.

Art: Twelve Linked Chain of Causation, Pencil on Paper, 8"x10"

Inquiries welcome.

“Curious about Karma”
8 week study program, 90 minutes per class. This class addresses this complex and confusing topic in a conversational format with the objective of illuminating misunderstandings and misconceptions. Alleviating fear and superstition. We will study and apply practical methods to manage and eliminate bad karma, building intention and actuating positive karma. How to bring cycles of unwanted experiences to an end. How to improve relationships. Mindfulness techniques for discovering and disarming destructive triggers to undesirable behaviors and habit patterns.
Suggested donation $200.00 includes “How Karma Works” by Geshe Sonam Rinchen, 139 pages. Other handouts and resources dependent on needs of the class. In class guided meditations, personal support and guidance.

Art: A Moment In Time, Digital Photograph, Archival Inkjet on Moab Entrada Rag Bright, 12"x18"

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered, Inquiries welcome.

Meditate Here...

The Setting- Outdoors. In this beautiful garden in midtown Ventura, lovingly known as “The Oasis”.
What to bring: A sitting blanket and or cushion, we’ll sit on the lawn, chairs available if needed. A notebook and pen if you need it. A water bottle. Dress comfortably for outdoors. Please be comfortable, like a picnic!
Refreshments served at mid-session break
I'm very much looking forward to having this time with you! Our lives are so precious and every moment can be spent gaining wisdom that gives us happiness. So, this is a wonderful opportunity for our lives and all the people in our lives. Since these classes will take place at my residence I thought it best not to post the address online. To schedule a Meditation Session or register for one of the personal Study Courses go HERE.
Please, understand how important it is that we develop compassion and find wisdom for our life. These offerings will be run conscientiously, timeliness is so important.
If the cost seems to be a hindrance to your being a part of these offerings please contact me and we can work together to create an opportunity. -J.

The Bus-A Poem

We sit floating.
Two feet above the road. Driven by a coachman
to a place needful if not desired?
Obligated by constraint of acquiring this existence,
there, in every seat a life of discontent.
Attachment and loss,
gain and poverty,
hearts broken
by societies demand
to participate
in the game.

We’ve crossed the intersection
with yellow light flashing
a warning.
The cost of going forward in this temporal chase
to possess
what can never be
Never kept safe
from the ravage
of time.

Another intersection splashed in yellow
illuminates with its silent
We dare not go on,
yet, compelling
illusion that this state is all there is.
All there ever was.
Wheel continues
in the relentless motion.
Carries us to
a happiness
that is momentary,
at best, its hope
can deliver to the marker
that awaits
to commemorate a life that was.
And on and on and further still
we float.
Imprinting on the young.
A future filled with holding to
the broken

Delineates a path through space and time,
form and composition.
Believing that
should we stray
from this whiteness,
this paintedness,
this broken lineyness.
Should we stray.
Shall we?
Stray, that is to say,
the broken

Who are the fathers of this
broke down dilapidated circuit?
In the hunger that is
this spinning orb of beauty and fear
can anything be permanent?

The imprint of ignorance persists
carries beyond reason those
who ride here
in this bubble
floating like mist
clawing, grabbing
grasping, clinging
to desires every delusional whim.
Slaves to this imagining
we’ve constructed
from the grains
of thought
that became a dream
that became a chain
that drags to an imprisoned
endlessly circling

The yellow light again shines upon the coachman’s
methodical unwavering face expressing
naught but the desire to arrive
at days end
where awaits a bowl of grits and pint.
He’ll rise with the sun to make his way
and take the wheel in hand,
same well worn path, same worn faces,
People with whom he’ll
never dine or share a moment
save this seemingly
endless non arrival
to no place
in particular.

The woman in the seat across, the man who’d rather stand.
The children held by forlorn mothers,
the flood of nameless faces.
Backpack toting unwashed clothes
unloved, unnurtured, unwelcome, unspoken, unhinged.
Defrocked of human dignity
in the midst of the mad rush,
this endless non arrival
to no place
in particular.

Air thick with life and death, fear and want.
Potent with but a glimmer of
hopeful expectation
he casts the morning paper upon the seat.
Reaching up and over and across
fingers soiled by a lacking promise.
He finds the wire
a lifeline, a tug, abruptly stopping.
Birthed onto the sun soaked concrete.
I guess he’d prefer to walk. -J. 2016