John K Golson

Fine Art


Photography and New Media

Sky, Clouds, Dreams

A new series of abstracts in black and white, and in color.
"I am very happy to be releasing these photographs, all captured within only about 20 minutes, the clouds swirled and danced in the sky above my head. The session and post work  were an exercise in minimalistic abstraction. This has been my work lately. Challenging myself, my concentration with spacial constraints, limited pallet, tonal exploration. Opening myself to the perception of the vastness contained within restraint." -J.
Envisioned as Black and White...
Reinterpreted as color...
Archival Inkjet Print on Moab Entrada Rag 300 Bright. Limited Edition. $240.00 Click Here

"Sky, Clouds, Dreams" Book available soon!

"Blue 3" -J. Digital photograph, Archival Inkjet Print on Moab Entrada Rag 300 Bright. Limited Edition. $240.00

Network Blue

"A study of connectivity. Late night, front porchlight gently glowing on the dilapidated screen of my front entry. I began to contemplate how we connect, is it only commonality that brings us together. Or is there more? Something sublime? In what ways do we grow those feelings? Are we ever NOT connected?
It occurs to me that beautiful or ugly, serene or broken, these are continuing relationships with qualities that arise dependent upon so many variables. We share the same air and the same sky, that we are in no way separate from this environment and rooted in the life that she sustains. How can I operate with a mind making valuations of others, deciding that another is worth knowing based upon what they can do for me? There is a realization that rather than five myself to a process of exacting, demanding and extracting perhaps I can endeavor to make every strand of relationship more meaningful."  -J.

Emerge From The Earth

"This is what I heard. The words of the Buddha are profound, what he had to say regarding future times is encouraging. In the Lotus Sutra there is a chapter concerning what could be understood as where we are now. A time when the Earth itself suffers due to the ignorance of humanity. And there and then a vast group of people arise from the Earth itself. They are Boddhisattvas who have pledged themselves to protect the words of the Buddha and in so doing to protect life, in all of its beautiful array, contributing to the environment with an attitude of absolute lovngkindness. This is what I envisioned as I contemplated such events in the lonely places of Ventura, California. The Earth herself speaks to us of Wisdom." -J.


"As I entered these landscapes drawn to the wonder of trees having been slashed, cut down, or burned. I seemed to feel  and then understand their pain. They have a different life than we, connected to this earth, they cannot escape danger and the activities of humans and other beings. These noble trees. Even as they were subjected to such misery they continued the imperative to live and this is awe inspiring. I sought their permission to create from  their suffering something that might tell their story and give us a better understanding of the way of trees. I bowed, they agreed." -J.

To be continued...more galleries, so much art!

Todays Feature:

"And the drum, that majestic drum
played on like the sound
of a waterfall. Blood and pulse

like a river in my mind.
And the endless sky
beyond, still holding all
the contents

of the universe.
Of celestial wonders
with which gods dare
to play."
-excerpt "Sky, Clouds, Dreams"  J.