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Regarding John G.

    John K. Golson serves as teacher, author and artist. Offering comfort, healing and transformation of the individual, relationships and the environment through service, meditation practices and partnering with others in support of their journey. John seeks to convey that life is precious, that every moment is filled with the potential to create meaning, that there are proven vehicles that can carry an individual to freedom from cycles of hardship and misery to absolute happiness.
    A student of Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition(FPMT). John teaches from a practical understanding that ancient teachings hold essential values that are critical to the future quality of life for all beings living upon this earth. Especially the Buddha Dharma. Drawing from a lifetime of practice and study in Buddhist Traditions, Christianity, Native American and other Indigenous Cultures. John seeks to convey the thought that each of us can live a life that is meaningful and satisfying. To each of our fullest capacity by: Living simply. Meditation and prayer. Devoting to education. Being compassion. That if we set forth with a singular virtuous intention to progress gradually along a path that may be complex but is clearly defined to these ends. We can, in fact, change out our internal “operating system” benefiting the entire sphere of our influence. Friends, family, strangers. Even those we may deem as enemies.
    Living in Ventura, California as a Shramana practicing the way of Bodhicitta, John is father to five children. Four are grown and one still in the nest, all amazing human beings creating a beautiful future in times that often appear bleak. Inspired by wisdom and compassion John K. Golson is establishing Emerge From The Earth with program initiatives to advocate values that must take root for the sake of the well being of humanity and all that we effect.
Below is my contact information. Questions? Interested in booking a speaking engagement, acquiring a special art piece, scheduling a personal time? Please, you are welcome to use the form provided or call (805)320-5127. -J.
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