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John K. Golson, Teaching Wisdom  Through Word and Art

Ventura Climate March

On April 29, Americans from Ventura to D.C. will unite to rally and march in solidarity for Climate, Jobs, and Justice.

We will come together as a community to voice our concern for the environment.
We will show our solidarity by creating a rainbow and a circle of unity at Mission Park.
We will show the rise of global temperatures as we climb the trail of the Ventura Botanic Garden.

Please join us:
RSVP on Facebook: Ventura Climate March
Eventbrite: Ventura County Climate Rally

Please support the effort on April 29 and future efforts by making a donation of any amount. Your donation will help with expenses of organizing, marketing and sustaining an effort to make meaningful environmental change working with the power of art and people who care.
"Therm-O-Climb"-Conceptual image for "human banner" photo art and documentary. Taking place as part of Ventura Climate March, April 29, 2017.

Create Art That Speaks of and For A Generation

Epitaph-Spirits Departed, archival inkjet on Moab Entrada Rag Bright,12"x12"
Limited Edition Signed and numbered, Inquiries welcome

What is it? To be "conscious"? To "awaken"? And what is "it", exactly, that we awaken to? And what of this word "enlightenment". These are ways of being that John K. Golson has sought out and is continuously investigating.

John has been very fortunate to have great teachers who have shown the greatest kindness to an eccentric creative type who has crashed and burned and put forth great effort to change out his operating system. Sometimes operating systems fail, sometimes they just outlive their usefulness, and sometimes they're just mistaken. Fortunately, the OS can be changed and for the better. 

So, that is the big job isn't it? Find our happy spot, make the world a happier place, join in support of others who are doing just that, give every ounce of energy and resource to this moment and to the future in whatever way we can...

You'll find new media art here. For John they are like codified memory chips evoking the thoughts and feelings of a moment in time that somehow transcended the immediate surroundings. You'll find enrollment for individual and group Study/Meditation. There are visionary creative projects outlined, vehicles to transmit wisdom and practical methods to help us manage an increasingly complex future. You will find an virtuous friend whose aspiration is to transform all the scrapes, bumps and scratches of life into something rare and precious.

Create Waves of Lovingkindness!

Working in the arts is a wonderful and amazing journey. Marrying that work with efforts to make a more compassionate world is a mission. My responsibility as an inhabitant on this planet. So, I work advocating for and teaching compassion, environmental awareness and meditation for the sake of future generations and all beings dependent upon this Earth.
As a teacher and representative of the Buddha Dharma I am often called upon for personal counseling and to bring a middle way view on societal problems. I work to comfort the sick and people in the process of dying. In the future this will be an organization. Emerge From The Earth. Please, consider helping these efforts as so many others have done and growing "Emerge From The Earth" as an organization devoted to contributing to making the world a more compassionate place. There is a lot of work to do. Will you make a donation today?
Thank you for supporting these efforts, it means so much to so many. We are not alone. -J.


"To sing the praise of Wisdom.
Ancient musings and experiments echo
Like waves washing on a new found shore
Born of those who touched the Earth
discovering her great secret.
She is the sustainer and protector of this life state
a window to a more subtle reality.
This beginningless cycle holding countless cosmos
All this and beyond conceived in the womb
of Wisdom."
Song for Saraswati-J.
Art: Three Sisters, Digital Mixed Media, Archival Inkjet Print on Moab Entrada Rag Bright
Limited Edition Signed and numbered. Inquiries Welcome

We're Here Together On This Sphere, Best to Develop Compassion!

You are not alone. Learn with John K. Golson. A practitioner and student of the Buddhas teachings. Devoted to lifelong learning, creating and supporting others with the shared intention of creating waves of lovingkindness. Writings and Study Groups...we'll call them Wisdom Offerings. Go here...

Artworks by John K. Golson

"Our imprints, our environment, our journey.

We reflect, contemplate, understand and  create.

In this way do we shape a life, a hope, a future...

Of Peace..."

Photographic Art inspired by that which is common, presented from an uncommon point of view. Go here.

Art: Bridge 1, Digital Photograph, Archival Inkjet Print on Moab Entrada Rag Bright, 12"x12"
Limited Edition Signed and Numbered. Inquiries Welcome
Upcoming Events
Therm-O-Climb April 29, 2017
As a creative component to Ventura Climate March, sister to the Peoples Climate March in Washington D.C. We've put together a team of creative photographers to document the event as we create "human banners" as a call to legislators and leadership to work wholeheartedly towards solutions to global warming and the systematic destruction of the eco-system.